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Cascade Solutions
Products & Services

Services Overview
Automation Engineering
Process Engineering

Process Engineering for Life Sciences

Cascade Solutions offers full service process engineering and consulting services because the process itself is central to any manufacturing solution.

Our expertise in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries includes experience in both engineering and manufacturing management in these highly regulated environments.

Having come directly from today's life science industries, our engineers have the knowledge to incorporate process designs from their hands-on experience, including:
  • Bioreactors and fermentation systems
  • Spray dryers, reactors, filter dryers, batch distillation, bulk synthesis
  • Centrifugation, homogenization and recovery
  • Chromatography, UF/DF and purification operations
  • Lyophilization
  • Clean in place (CIP) systems, steam in place (SIP) and high purity water

Complete project support

Our team offers engineering design for your process skid, process suite or for your entire facility. Coupled with our automation skill set, Cascade Solutions is unique in its ability to deliver complete systems from design, procurement, automation, through commissioning and validation.

For clients that have manufacturing facilities with more projects than available personnel, we frequently serve as part of the solution right on the plant floor. We can provide on-site assistance with:
  • Production support
  • Process optimization
  • Engineering project management
  • Equipment procurement

Expertise in engineering and software integration

Many confuse automation with process control, but they are distinctly different entities. The automation software may provide the tools for process control, but our team can further optimize the process performance implementing various control algorithms and analyzing the overall control strategy, including the piping design and field devices.

At Cascade, we treat process control as the engineering discipline that it is quantifying and controlling your process in an optimal manner using both our engineering skills and the latest software technology.

To get a better idea of our experience in combining process and automation expertise,
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